Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

  1. When I first came to DLC I didn’t know anything about computers, I didn’t know I had my own email thing, now I’m doing insane animations in keynote making everything I need out of shapes and writing stuff in documents in my spare time and writing posts on blogs, and not being afraid to go online.
  2. I am proud of my lorax poem because that’s when I started using some animation and making stuff move around and do some cool stuff. Plus I loved the poem I wrote for it.
  3. I thought the most challenging thing I did was the welcome video because I didn’t know how to do pretty much anything at all, but I made it work out.
  4. My favorite project was probably the Red Badge of Courage scenes because it’s like making the movie after the book which I normally hate but I do it closer to the real thing than some of today’s annoying redoes.
  5. In the second semester my goals are to pay more attention. (Sometimes I doze off in class and don’t here a lot of what the teacher says) and hopefully get all A’s in the school as a whole.


  1. You are making very cool animations like that Thanksgiving Parade you produced. It was very creative! It really shows what you can do. I am also very proud of my lorax and I think that everyone, you included, did a wonderful job. Why do you make "everything" out of shapes?

  2. I also didn’t know much about Macs when I came to the DLC and I didn’t know I had my own school email. I also like how you make a lot of your stuff in projects entirely out of shapes. I wish I had that ability because a lot of pictures on google our copyrighted or won’t work with the color scheme or its too big/small. The welcome video was a pretty challenging project because we had to learn new things on our own along the way of creating our videos. I loved the RBOC scenes as well because they were the most creative project I think and you needed to appeal to your audience. I think those our good goals and I also think you’ve become more social. How do you think you’ll accomplish your goal of not dozing off in class.

  3. I think that not being afraid to go online is key in the 21st century. With all the new technology and technologic revelations that are happening each and every day, the internet is today. Do you think that shapes can be used for everything though, it worked for the Scenes, but will you be able to make a presentation that is time accurate, maybe when shapes aren’t the best way to go? I also agree the Lorax was very fun, being able to create our own poem, and then make a presentation off something we wrote. The RBOC scenes were so creative, because you were able to take what you saw when you read the passage, and make that into a presentation.